Kids World Academy of New Hampshire

Wonder. Learn. Grow. 

648 John Stark Highway

Newport, New Hampshire

(603) 863-5113

Preschool and Kindergarten Program​ 

​(36-78 months)

Kids World Academy of New Hampshire provides a Preschool curriculum that assists children to achieve school readiness in all areas of academic  and social learning. Our Preschool program is filled with investigation, exploration, and discovery, where active and enthusiastic children can refine and expand their skills and knowledge. Teachers ensure preschoolers have joyful, appropriate, and meaningful learning experiences that lead to success in school and in life. The program begins the Tuesday following Labor Day each year.

COST:  Price based on number of days enrolled! (We accept NH Childcare Assistance - parent/guardian is responsible for any payment the state does not pay). Cost is based on payments made on time.

Areas of Curriculum:


We assist preschool in research and experimentation, testing hypotheses, exploring properties, making important discoveries and learning how things work. We nurture children’s natural curiosity, such as:

  • * Investigating objects and animals
  • * Predicting daily weather
  • * Garden Projects
  • *Worm Habitat development and study
  • * Exploring maps, magazines, and other resources

Art and Crafts:

We encourage and assist children in their explorations as creative thinking, adaptation, problem-solving, innovation, and follow-through. Our preschool teachers nurture children’s own artistic abilities such as:

  • * Working on long-term and short-term art projects such as paper-mâché sculptures
  • * Creating Stories with drawings
  • * Painting
  • * Dramatic Play (grocery shopping, cooking)

Language Arts:

We assist children in expanding their vocabulary and word comprehension throughout the preschool years. Our preschool programs and curriculum provide children with opportunities to integrate listening, speaking, early reading, and writing into daily activities such as:

  • *  Recognizing letters and discriminating between sounds
  • * Answering open-ended questions such as "What do you think?", "What should you do next?"
  • * Multiple stepped projects
  • * Language, sign language and rhyming games
  • * Sing Songs

Math Concepts:

Whether they are counting how many dinosaurs they have, fitting a circle into a circular hole, or asking for half a sandwich, preschoolers are constantly using and experimenting with math concepts.

Our preschool teachers create learning experiences that build math skills and reasoning. Some examples are: 

  • * Sorting items by size, color, or shape
  • * Stringing beads in a pattern
  • * Counting out small groups of items
  • * Matching numbers to piles that are equivalent

Included in the Preschool Program is self responsibility building, social skills and community involvement!